Touch future. Together! What has been successfully established on smartphones and tables. INFOCUS brings to tables and walls in large scale: unlimited multi-touch technology on seamless displays in any size and shape, combined with innovative multiuser software available.
Control by hand comes much more naturally than any input device – it needs no introduction and is instantly understood. Mouse and keyboard are a thing of the past.

Kids Multi-touch Table Blue

These interactive children’s touch tables are perfect for kids rooms, shopping centers, car showrooms, nurseries, schools, pre-school, children’s play areas, etc.
Everything about the design of this kids touch table has been considered with child safety in mind. Normally touch tables and touchscreen stands are made from hard metal or steel, with sharp edges and access to parts that are really not suitable for an environment with young children.
The touchscreen tables are specially designed for children’s use and come pre-loaded with kids educational games. We normally supply and install parental admin software to ‘lockdown’ the touch screens and prevent children from browsing websites or downloading apps without permission.